Online Class for Pet Parents-to-be
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Sad woman sitting on a kitchen floor and looking at her dog

Why join the BeMuttMindful program

There’s a wealth of information to help you raise and train a puppy or rescue dog, but what if I told you that you may have already made one of the biggest mistakes before you even bring your dog home?. That’s where our BeMuttMindful 4-week program comes in. Taking this course will provide you knowledge about the entire process, including how to determine if you’re ready to become a pet parent, how to select a good breed for you and your family, where to adopt your puppy or rescue dog from and what to look out for along the way so you do not end up with an incompatible furry friend. This is where the majority of mistakes are made, and BeMuttMindful is all about helping you avoid them and getting you on the right track to successful doggie raising. Knowing what to expect from that first day will go a long way toward reducing your anxiety and preparing you for the rollercoaster of a journey that many pet parents only discover once they’re in the thick of it. Sharing our home with a species that does not speak our language is not as easy as it may seem.

4 Week Program: $67 for a limited time only

What you’ll learn in the BeMuttMindful program

This 4 week program is designed for pet-parents-to-be. You will join an online group experience where you will learn how to avoid the common pitfalls of adopting a puppy or rescue dog, plus how to set you and your new dog up for success once he arrives home. Think of it as a prenatal class for pet parents! Each 1hr session will include a live lesson, with easy to read handouts, plus the opportunity to ask questions with our certified dog behavior consultant. You’ll also be granted access to a private FaceBook page where you can share your journey with the BeMuttMindful community and get your mid-week questions answered

The 4- Week Curriculum

  • Week 1 – Are you ready to become a pet parent? This lesson will cover everything from expected financial costs of raising a puppy, to your current living and work situations. Many pet-parents-to-be totally under estimate the time and money it takes to raise a dog. This lesson will make sure you have everything covered before you commit.
  • Week 2 –  How to choose a dog or breed that will suit your lifestyle. This is where so many pet-parents-to-be make mistakes and to get this right, you’ll need to understand genetics, how behaviors are formed and what training can and can’t do.
  • Week 3 – We’ll review all the options to adoption covering the pros and cons of puppy vs adult, breeder vs rescue, purebreed vs mixed, temperament selection, health implications and perfect age for bringing a puppy home.
  • Week 4 – Now that you’ve done your homework the next step is bringing home your new furry friend. This lesson will cover how to prepare your home and very important do’s and don’ts for the first week. We’ll also cover the stages of development (or settling in periods for adult dogs) and briefly go over what you can expect.

And the benefits continue…

This course was developed for 2 reasons. First, to help my clients avoid the common pitfalls that so many make when they choose to become a pet parent. I have spent the past 10 years helping people recover from their mistakes. It’s costly, it’s emotionally taxing and it’s damn right stressful. Some couples even end up with their own relationship on the line. Taking 4hrs out of your month and $107 dollars from your bank account, before committing to becoming a pet parent, will be the best investment you’ll ever make.


The second, and no less important than the first, is the effects that our mistakes have on our pets. 3.5 million dogs end up in the shelter every year in the USA, due to somebody’s uneducated decision. I have spent a fair amount of time in the shelter and rescue world, and it’s a heartbreaking situation all around. We can do better, and it is my hopes that with this program now available to the masses, we can start to make a dent on the number of dogs that sit in the shelter system paying the ultimate sacrifice.


BeMuttMindful is more than a 4-week coaching program. It’s a movement. It’s a quest to change the way we prepare for pet parenting. It’s a mission to re-think how we raise our pets. It’s a nationwide operation to make progress in the way we treat our animals. If every person who is considering becoming a pet parent, has access to this program, and chooses to make educated decisions on who and where to adopt from, the need for the current 13,500 shelters and rescues in the USA could become a thing the past. And wouldn’t that be a wonderful world to be a part of, knowing that you was a part of it. We CAN do this, but it will require us to change the way we do things and that can start right here. Let’s all BeMuttMindful.

4 Week Program – $107
New group will start 1st Monday of every month
Virtual meetings Monday 630-730pm (MST).

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