Group Dog Training Classes in Summit County CO
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Group Training


Canine Life & Social Skills/General Obedience

The 6 week Canine Life and Social Skills program is designed by the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. There are 3 levels, BA, MA, and PhD to complete and dogs can start as young as 5 months old. This is a great program for your dog to learn general obedience and polite skills such as wait at the door, walking on loose leash, stay, come and leave it. Skills learned over the 3 levels also build up to AKC Canine Good Citizen and Community Canine certifications.
This class is held in Frisco.

$150 – Next class BA (Level 1) Class will start Wednesday May 16th 2018.
$150 – Next class MA (Level 2) Class will start July 2018.

5 week Whistle Recall Class

Does your dog have to wear a shock collar when off leash? Does your dog run off and only come back when he is ready? Or maybe you would like to teach him a reliable recall before a bad habit develops?
Join us for the 5 Week group class, where you will learn how to call your dog back to you when called using pain and force-free methods. This is an outdoor class held in Silverthorne.

S120 -Please contact us for future class dates

4 Week Calm & Relaxation Techniques

During this 4 week course we will look into several techniques that will help your dog remain calm and relaxed. We will cover the TTouch Method and Body Wraps,  The Relaxation Protocol, Therapeutic oils /ointments/tinctures/and natural remedies for stressful situations and focus exercises and brain games to calm the mind. This class is held in Frisco.

S120 -Please contact us for future class dates

4 Week Introduction to Rally-O with tricks

Do you have a high strung pup that needs an outlet for his energy or maybe you just want to have some fun with your pup! Join our 4 week Introduction to Rally Freestyle class which combines the two sports of AKC Rally-Obedience and Freestyle/Trick Training. Anyone is welcome to join and most exercises are not physically demanding making them suitable for all ages. This class is held in Frisco.

S99 – Please contact us for future class dates