Private Dog Training Classes in Summit County
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Private Training

Beautiful young parents, their cute little daughter and son are looking at camera and smiling, sitting with their cute dog on sofa at home

Initial Consultation

An inital consulation is a great place to get acquanited and will provide us an opportunity to get to know each other, and to find out if we can meet each others needs. Most initial consults are conducted via video conferencing which allows us to keep costs down, however if you are local and would prefer an in-person consultation please feel free to ask. During this meeting, I will evaluate your dog’s behavior and ask questions about daily routines and behavior history.

Initial Consultation $35 per 30 minutes (a surcharge will be added for in person consults depending on your location)

Coaching Sessions

Whether you are local or live 5000 miles away, I am able to provide professional training advice and techniques for an array of canine behavior issues. Behaviors such as fear biting, high reactivity or arousal that places both the handler or passers-by at risk are best addressed in person to ensure everyone’s safety. However, many behaviors can easily be coached via remote training services. These include effective puppy raising, developing manners and obedience, mild leash or car reactivity, fearful reactions to sounds, sights, people or animals, not getting along with other pets, child and dog safety and separation anxiety. If you are not sure what service would suit your situation, please feel free to call or email me aobut your dog’s behavior and I can help you decide.

In-Person /Local Coaching Sessions $99 PH
Remote Coaching Sessions $70 PH

Ask The Trainer

Do you have a quick question that you need answered, or depserate for some relief from the situation while you are waiting for an in person consult? Maybe you need advice on which trainer to work with locally, or if your current trainer is a good fit for your situation? As a Certified Professional Behavior Consultant, I am here to offer advice that you can trust to help both you and your dog.

$20 – 15 minute video or telephone consult.

Nationwide Comprehensive Training Package

Providing you live in the lower 48 states, your location is not a barrier for us working together. This intensive 5-day program is available to you whether you are searching for credible advice, tips and tricks for raising a well-mannered puppy or you have been dealing with a severe behavior that your local trainers just can’t seem to fix. We will start our journey with a virtual consultation to ensure that I am the right trainer for you, and will then arrange the dates for my visit. Once I have arrived in your hometown, we will spend 5hrs a day together (2 x 2.5hr sessions) for 5 consecutive days, during which time you will receive in-depth canine behavior knowledge, coaching, and dog training techniques. This package also includes 5 x virtual coaching sessions once our in-person sessions come to an end. This will help keep you on the right track and to ensure your continued success. This is a very limited service and will only be offered to those who meet our criteria.
This package is all-inclusive and does include my flight, rental car and hotel while staying in your town.

Nationwide Intensive Training Package – $3999