Private Dog Training Classes in Summit County
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Private Training

Beautiful young parents, their cute little daughter and son are looking at camera and smiling, sitting with their cute dog on sofa at home

Initial Consultation

Most of our private sessions or packages require an initial consultation. During this meeting I will evaluate your dogs behavior and ask questions about daily routines and behavior history. We may implement a management plan for you and your dog to receive immediate relief from the situation, however the main reason for the initial consultation is so that I can put together a training plan for sessions to follow.

Initial Consultations $50 – $70Ph

Coaching Sessions

Coaching Sessions are where we teach you the techniques on how to effectively train your dog. We will typically meet once a week for 1hr sessions until you have developed the skills to train your dog without a professional trainer by your side. We will teach you how to maintain your dog’s progress after training has finished, how to substitute treats for “Life Rewards” and how to turn your usual dog walk and feeding times into a mental work out.

Coaching Sessions for Behavior Modification $70ph (package deals available)

Coaching Sessions for General Obedience $55ph (package deals available)

Skype/Facetime Consultations

While there are cases that require in-person consultations and training, not every situation requires that, with certain issues being easily resolved via tele-coaching. This option is especially useful for clients with busy schedules, that do not live or cannot travel to my service area, or for clients that have been working with me privately and no longer need me in person. This option is not available for severe behavior modification where there is risk of injury to people or other animals.

$60 per hour, payable via credit-card. Minimum appointment is 30 minutes.
All calls will be rounded up to 30 minute intervals. For example, a 22 minute call will be charged at $30, a 50 minute call will be charged at $60.

AKC Canine Good Citizen Programs

The AKC’s Canine Good Citizen program is the gold standard of behavior for dogs. The CGC certificate is a prerequisite for therapy dogs and some home owner insurance companies and apartments/condos require that dogs pass the CGC test. The test requires that dog and handler show they are capable of 10 skills which include leash skills, body handling and grooming, polite greetings, sit, down and stay, 10ft recall, walking calmly in a crowd and that the dog is confident with noises, movement and being temporarily separated from their owner.
On The Right Track offers 3 options:

  1. 6 week program for dogs/handlers that require full preparation to pass the test – $199
  2. 3 week program for dogs/handlers that require minimal training to pass the test – $99
  3. Test only – $25

To learn more about each individual program please contact us. You can also learn these skills in a group class setting by following our General Obedience Classes Levels 1-3 (see our group class page for details)


This 4 week private lesson package is ideal for newly adopted pets, no matter what age, but can be enjoyed by anyone looking for a couple of private sessions to get them started in the right direction. Over the 4 weeks we can address puppy socialization techniques, best methods for settling in your new pup, general obedience skills or concentrate on 1 mild behavior that needs to be modified. There is no set curriculum, instead we build a personalized 4 week plan to get you on the right track. This can also serve as an excellent prerequisite to any of our group classes to ensure that your dog is ready to learn in a more distracting environment. This package is not suited for major behavior modification.

4 x 1hr Sessions $199

Behavior Assessments & Reports

On The Right Track can help assess your dog and if required, write up a formal temperament evaluation for the court system. Most importantly, we will help you with management & training to aim to get you back on track to living with a dog that is safe in public and within the family home.

Temperament Evaluation With Report – $125

Continued 1hr training sessions with weekly reports – $80