Group Dog Training Classes in Summit County CO
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Telephone or Video Coaching Consults

There was a time when it was required to buy a CD before you could listen to an album, have a key to start your car engine, go into the store to buy groceries and to collect your printed vacation photos from Walgreens and place them into a photo album before you could share them with friends and family. However with technology forever changing and the digital world making services available to the masses, a dog trainer no longer has to be present to help a client with behavior issues or training advice. In fact there are many behaviors that can be effectively worked through via remote services such as telephone consults or video conferencing. Whether you are looking for some quick advice from a canine behavior expert or need to work together for several months, remote services are the smart way to go to keep costs down and fit training into a busy schedule, regardless of where you live.

15 minute call for quick advice/resolves $20

In depth advice or video coaching: $35 per 30 mins

Make The Right Choice
Pre Pet Parent Group Online Course

Are you about to become a pet parent? Have you figured out how you are going to select the right puppy or adult dog for you and your family? Do you know what to look for, what breeds to avoid, what breeds will make a good match for your lifestyle and personality?

On The Right Track Professional Dog Training believes that making mindful and knowledgable choices when it comes to which canine companion we choose to live with makes all the difference in the world. In fact, not doing so is one of the common reasons why living with pets can turn our blissful dreams into our worst nightmares.

Over this 4hr course, which is divided into two, 2hr sessions, we will go over breed choices, the difference between biddable and unbiddable breeds, the pros and cons of adopting a puppy vs an adult dog, what to look for in temperament, and generally prepare you for becoming a successful pet parent. You will also have the opportunity to discuss your choices with a professional trainer. This is a must course for any pet parent to be…

4hr Group Online Course – $39
3rd weekend of every month
Part 1 – Saturday 6pm – 8pm (MST)
Part 2 – Sunday 6pm -8pm (MST)

Unlimited text and email support

This service can be very useful for clients that I have already worked with and no longer require to meet in person but would like to obtain continued advice and tips when needed. It can also be useful for anyone, whether a pet parent to be, a pet parent who lives with a difficult dog, a dog training student or other professionals that need that peace of mind of having a canine behavior expert at hand. This service is billed monthly and can be cancelled at any time. Refunds are not issued.

Unlimited Text and Email Monthly Plan – $39

Perfect Puppy Raisers
12 Week Virtual Group Class

Perfect Puppy Raisers is the only puppy class you can attend in your pajamas! Spend the first 3 months of your puppy’s homecoming on a journey with other puppy parents and a certified professional dog trainer at your side. Together, we will learn all the essential knowledge and skills on puppy development, how to socialize and train your puppy successfully and how to prevent common misbehaviors.

Nikki will provide continued behavior support and successful puppy raising training tips via weekly virtual group training sessions. In addition, you will also get to join our private group facebook page where you can upload fun pictures and share memorable events and milestones with your fellow group members.

This 12 week program will help you become the perfect puppy parent so you can enjoy a happy and blissful life with your furry pal for many years to come.

12 Week Program – $120
New group will start 1st Tuesday of every month
Virtual meetings Tuesday 6-7pm (MST).