Live Online Virtual Dog Training Classes by Right Track Dog Training
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Need dog behavior advice?
Book a telephone or video coaching Consult

Video or Telephone Consults have so many benefits! I offer them at a cheaper rate and with greater flexibility, so they are perfect for those on a tighter budget and also for those with busy schedules.  Not to mention they are available to everyone, no matter of your location. I have helped many clients with a range of problems that have been solved just as successfully as if I was in the same room. Whether you are looking for some quick advice from a canine behavior expert or need to work together for several months, remote services are the smart way to go. Booking your consuslt is easy too. Click the link below and you will be directed to my calender which will show all available dates and times. 

If you have any questions about this service please reach out. You can call Nikki on 928-358-5171 or email

Video coaching: $35 per 30 mins

Are you a shelter or rescue
looking for low cost behavior help?

Whether you’re looking to add expertise to your existing behavior department or have been getting by without the training help your rescue dog’s desperately need, my virtual services are now available to offer you the best of both worlds; Expert behavior advice from a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, at the fraction of the cost.

Working with shelters and rescues since 2011, not only do I have the experience to help with many of the complex behavior issues that are seen in rescue dogs, but you’ll also be working with someone who understands your world.

If you have any questions about this program please reach out. You can call Nikki on 928-358-5171 or email

Here are just some of the things I can help your organization with:
  • Dog Behavior Consultations
  • Dog Training Plans
  • Staff Training
  • Post Adoption Behavior Support
  • Behavior Support for Foster Families
  • Online Course Creation for Volunteers
  • Group Training Curriculums
  • Behavior Department SOP’s
  • Behavior Evaluation Process
  • Social Media Posts

$340 per month (up to 10hrs per month)
$599 per month (up to 20hrs per month)

AKC Virtual Home Manners

Virtual Home Manners (VHM) is the answer when you want to train your dog at home. When you get a puppy or new adult dog, Virtual Home Manners can get you started on practical skills.

Via live video training sessions, we will work together on the 10 skills required to pass the exam over a 6 week program and then evaluate you at the end of our 6 sessions. Dogs that pass the test will be awarded Virtual Home Manners Puppy (VHMP) or Virtual Home Manners Adult (VHMA) official title.

The 10 skills vary slightly depending on whether we are doing puppy or adult certification but in general include, Sit, Down, Come, Go To Place, Play Manners, Walking Skills, Food Manners and Grooming.

If you have any questions about this workshop please reach out. You can call Nikki on 928-358-5171 or email

6 Week Program plus final evaluation $220

Start anytime.