Dog Training Classes in Show Low, Pinetop and Navajo County AZ
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Young woman with worker choosing which dog to adopt from a shelter.

Low-Cost Behavior Consultant Packages for Rescues & Shelters

Whether you’re looking to add expertise to your existing behavior department or have been getting by without the training help your rescue dog’s desperately need, Nikki’s virtual services are now available to offer you the best of both worlds; Expert behavior advice from a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, at the fraction of the cost.

Working with shelters and rescues since 2011, Nikki not only has the experience to help with many of the complex behavior issues that are seen in rescue dogs, but you’ll also be working with someone who understands your world.

If you have any questions about this program please reach out. You can call Nikki on 928-358-5171 or email

Here are just some of the things Nikki can help your organization with:
  • Dog Behavior Consultations
  • Dog Training Plans
  • Staff Training
  • Post-Adoption Behavior Support
  • Behavior Support for Foster Families
  • Online Course Creation for Volunteers
  • Group Training Curriculums
  • Behavior Department SOP’s
  • Behavior Evaluation Process
  • Social Media Posts

$350 per month (up to 10hrs per month)
$580 per month (up to 20hrs per month)

Behavior Consults for Canine Professionals

Do you work with dogs but only have a limited education on canine behavior. Whether you are a dog trainer new to the industry, groomer, day care owner/supervisor or pet sitter/dog walker, Nikki is available for Behavior Consults regarding any behavior that you may be struggling with. This can be accomplished with or without the dog’s owner. During our consult we will cover why the behavior maybe occuring, and training solutions will be offered. It can really help to run a problem by another professional and Nikki is here to offer assistance with any and all behaviors.

30-minute Video Coaching Sessions Pay as you go – $45 ph

30-Day Video Coaching Training Package (4 x 30-minute sessions/Once Weekly) – $160